Why use an Education Agent?

Using a registered Education Agent allows you peace of mind knowing that your application is prepared by a skilled education agents, who are dedicated towards achieving the best results for all our clients.

Lodging a visa application involves considerable risk, both financially and timewise, and can limit your visa options if your visa application has been refused. A registered Oracol’e Consultancy Education Agents will help ease this process, they can deal directly with the Department, ensure your rights are protected and that you rack up a desirable upshot.

Why choose Oracol’e Consultancy?

WE’RE QUALIFIED EDUCATION AGENTS We are fully equipped with knowledge and expertise in this industry.

An education agent comes with a skills and knowledge and are specifically trained to analyse and interpret the portfolio of our client to provide a relevant and quality service.

99.9% SUCCESS RATE With all applications, we average a 99.9% success rate for our clients.

We have a highly esteemed team of education agents whom are committed to ensuring you achieve a successful outcome for your visa application. Through our experience we know what is needed, we always aimed to achieving fantastic results for our clients throughout Australia with a success rate of 99.9%.

Oracol'e cares

About Us

Oracol’e Consultancy ensures that every application receives the same level of assessment and meticulous procedures to ensure a positive outcome for the client and their future.

We pride ourselves on providing you with a tried-and-true and dependable services. With the support of our experienced agents, we look forward to assisting you with all of your career needs.

Our Vision

Oracol’e Consultancy strives to maintain its excellent performance to be a premier education consultancy firm, by constantly delivering highly-skilled, individualised and customised client-focused services. We endeavour to work closely with our clients to build rapport and to provide a reasonable and acceptable solutions to their career goals and objectives. We aim to provide an integrated approach to our services, with a focus on creating new opportunities and benefits for our clients.

Our Core Values

Oracol’e Consultancy shares a set of core values which form the basis of our organisation. These core values define the company’s character, and govern how we interact with the broader community, as well as the education industry. Since its commencement, these core values have become institutionalised within the company, for which every employee strives to uphold.   The core values outlined below are immanent in every aspect of the company, through its relationships with clients and the services Oracol’e Consultancy deliver.  These includes:

B enevolence

O neness

N oble

D iversity

At Oracol’e Consultancy, we believe that the client must always be our top priority. Our company is committed to delivering excellent services to every single client.

For us, anything less than exceptional service is not enough. We have a team of highly-qualified education agents to provide our clients with the superb quality service that we are prominent.

We pride ourselves on our premier education links, which have seen Oracol’e Consultancy forge strong relationships with RTO’s and Universities across Australia. These connections have helped to create new opportunities for both our existing and potential clients.

We, at Oracol’e Consultancy, are dedicated to ensuring that our services make a meaningful difference to our clients. Providing outstanding services to our clients is not enough if this is seen to not impact the vast community, whereby everything we do for our clients is dedicated towards helping to achieve their goals and aspirations the way they want their career to become.

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