April Rose TULOP

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My journey here in Brisbane is unexpected and memorable. When I was in the Philippines, I never thought that I will be able to consider myself living and studying in Australia because I know that it will cost my family a lot. However, when I attended the Orientation conducted by the Oracol'e Consultancy, it opened my mind with the possibilities of being in a country that is considered as one of the most livable place on earth.

Just like the other doubtful applicants, I asked a lot of questions just to satisfy my family that this company is legit. I even invited the Agent to our house inorder for my Mother to  believe that they are actually true (funny right?=p), good thing that the agent is kind enough to orient my family without any extra payment, hahaha. My application process with them is smooth and the staffs behind this company are very approachable and patient to me. It took me less than a month after my IELTS result to complete the documents and amazingly my Visa was approved in just 11 days(wow!). Thanks to the great team behind this agency. Up to this day, the agents have been guiding us and continually extending their hands whenever we need help or we need advices in our stay here in a foreign land. My instinct in trusting this agency was never been wrong. All prayers and costs in coming here was not wasted because we know that we are in the right hands.

A big thanks to the people who maintained the good track of this company. As one of your client's, words are not enough to express my sincere gratitude in helping me not just in making my dreams in stepping in a foreign country do come true but more importantly for the concern and vision you all been meeting for your clients.


Sincerely yours,

April Rose TULOP

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