Lourdes MAYUYU

Engaging to Oracole Consultancy is one of my biggest decisions I’ve made in my life. At first just like the others I’m also afraid to any possibilities if it is legit or not but when the time I inquire I felt something different that this is it. This is the agency that I am looking for, be closer to my greatest dream to be in Australia and I made the right decision. I want to commend Oracole Consultancy for having passionate people in their work who took extra time to attend my concerns.  I am thankful to Marvin and Billy for always being there for any queries I have. For my family, relatives and friends for their never ending support for this new journey. And most of all thank to God for all the answered prayers. So, to all the nurses out there and to all the dreamers who wants to be in Australia hold onto your dream! Oracole Consultancy is willing to help you and be part to achieve your dreams.

Lourdes Mayuyu

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